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Content Creation

Instagram, TikTok, YouTube & Pinterest Sponsorships

I'm always open to trying new products and sharing those I use and love with my community on my social platforms. If you are a brand or agency looking to partner on an upcoming campaign or launch, I'd love to chat more about what you have in mind!


Podcast Sponsorships

The Busybee Refinishing with MelDidItHerself podcast is now accepting sponsors and we'd love to have you support the podcast! Sponsorship opportunities include episode slots, sole episode sponsorships, or exclusive season sponsors. Email me to find out more!


User Generated Content (UGC) Creation

Are you a small business, brand or agency looking for UGC creators to create content to use on your social platforms, website, and in advertising? I am now offering my UGC services and would love to talk more about what you're looking for. Feel free to check out my portfolio at and send me an email at

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