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Coaching & Consulting Services

Working for, in and on your furniture painting & refinishing business is a ton of work – trust me, I’m right there with ya! The day-to-day of trying to keep up with finding pieces to makeover, doing the process of actually transforming them, then photographing, listing and promoting them... PLUS (probably) trying to create a social media presence and trying to do strategic business planning, set and achieve your goals AND grow your business… now that’s a TON.


But don’t worry, I’m here to help.

Click on the services that interest you to learn more and when you're ready to rock, book a call with me so we can dive right in!

Services Offered

Can't invest right now?

For a limited time, I'm offering complimentary coaching/consultation sessions called BusyBees in Business Strategy Sessions! In these 1-on-1 sessions I'll help you work through a challenge or barrier you're currently facing in your side hustle/business (or soon-to-be biz!) selling refinished furniture. 

Let's talk all things:

  • Systems in your business;

  • Marketing your business and growing your client base;

  • Creating and growing a social media following;

  • Staying motivated and on top of projects;

  • Keeping your profits up and supply costs down;

  • Staying organized while juggling multiple priorities; and any other challenge you're facing!

These short coaching sessions will be recorded and uploaded as podcast episodes so others can learn from what we discuss for their own business, and help them to develop an action plan similar to the one you'll walk out of our session with.

If you're ready to hit the green Go button and move your business forward, sign up for a session and I will reach out to set it up!

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