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Furniture Refinisher's Bootcamp

Two Weeks To Launch Your Side Hustle

Is this bootcamp right for me?

This bootcamp is for you if:

  • you've been daydreaming about selling your painted & refinished furniture but don't think you have what it takes;

  • you love the idea of starting a side hustle doing furniture refinishing but you have no idea where to start or what to do;

  • you've toyed with the idea of selling the upcycled furniture you love to work on but don't want to add pressure to something you love doing;

  • you want to one day have a full-time business doing furniture painting & refinishing; or

  • you're ready to take action & launch a side hustle refinishing furniture and just need someone to help guide the way!

In this 🆓 bootcamp, we'll cover:

I'm ready to get this side hustle going, sign me up!!

You're in! Keep an eye on your inbox for the details :)

Two weeks, six sessions and one thriving side hustle await✨

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