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Looking for a piece of refinished furniture for your home?

Want to learn how to do your own furniture makeover?

Boho room with basket wall and refinished painted vintage emerald green sewing table with a black and cane painted wood chair beside it and a white chalk painted arch mirror on top

Helping you bring 
new life to the
old & unloved

Furniture painting and refinishing services

in Ottawa, Ontario

Want to start a furniture
painting/refinishing business?


Discover the various furniture painting and refinishing services I offer:

Refinished Furniture

Sometimes you don't know what you need until you see it.


If you're located near the Ottawa area, check out some of my designs that are currently available for sale.

Invest in the future of your home and our planet by choosing refinished furniture!

Customized Refinishing


Have a piece of furniture sitting in your home that could use a face lift? Maybe a piece that has been passed down through the generations that doesn't quite match the vibe of your home?

Let's bring some new life to your furniture pieces together by customizing it!


Are you a furniture painter or refinisher with a business that you're looking to grow? Hitting a wall or some sort of barrier you need support surmounting? Maybe just need an accountabili-buddy?

Let me help you find your momentum to reach your goals!

About me

A headshot of Canadian furniture painter and refinisher Melissa Commandant from MelDidItHerself

I'm Mel from MelDidItHerself

A helper at heart, I began my career working in social services. Just before the pandemic hit, I restored and painted some of my grandmother's furniture pieces for our new home and fell in love with transforming and upcycling furniture, and MelDidItHerself was born.


Busybee Refinishing with MelDidItHerself

A podcast episode cover for the podcast BusyBee Refinishing with MelDidItHerself's Episode 4: Refinishing Your First Furniture Piece

I’ve learned everything I know about business, furniture refinishing and painting thanks to people who shared their knowledge on the internet, so I’m paying it forward by bringing you my tips on upcycling and refinishing furniture, lessons learned from previous projects, and sharing my journey in business as a furniture refinisher with you.

Join me if you're a lifelong learner and busybee like me that's interested in the world of furniture refinishing, upcycling, and doing it yourself. Podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

A podcast episode cover for the podcast BusyBee Refinishing with MelDidItHerself's Episode 20: Make Your Furniture Flips Easier With These 6 Products
A podcast episode cover for the podcast BusyBee Refinishing with MelDidItHerself's Episode 33: Mineral Paint 101- What It Is, Its Uses & My Favourites


Not a big podcast listener? No worries!

Read the blog now!

My must haves

Check out some of the products, services and brands I use everyday for my home, doggo, and in my business. There's even some discounts so you can save money if you want to try them out!

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